Square Edge Designs

Ultra-Thin Construct

Camera & Screen Protection

Customer Reviews

You know when you hold something and you're just like, "yep, thats some good quality work right there." Well thats how I felt when I held this case for the first time.

Arnie Walnor, 38 (Verified Buyer)

Customer Reviews

I give this case my 100% undivided trust. I've got butterfingers and each time my phone has fallen, it's stayed intact with 0 damages.

Kyle Lowers, 26 (Verified Buyer)

Customer Reviews

This case just flows so well and everything about it just brings back the good old days with the old iPhones. I love the square design so you'll see me buy from here more often.

Dewey Tetzlaff, 43 (Verified Buyer)

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